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Personal Interests

My wife Karen and I share an older home in north Boulder with our 100 lb dog Peanut.


During the summer, much of my free time is filled with riding motorcycles, falling off of motorcycles, and wrenching on motorcycles.
Older homes require a bit of upkeep, so I've become pretty handy with power tools. If I'm not building a fence, laying flagstone or installing a new sprinkler system, I'm probably in my shop, sharpening my tools.

Bike Polo
I run Boulder county's only bike polo game. We've been playing regularly for the past 6 years. There are a variety of styles of bike polo played throughout the US and the world (if you can believe that). Our style is a little more spirited than some--it's probably better characterized as bike hockey. Game times are posted on our Yahoo! group. We're always looking for new players, so feel free to come out and give it a try.


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