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I'm a goal-driven, highly motivated leader with extensive experience in strategic planning, market analysis, development of marketing programs, product introductions, branding strategies, communications, and lead generation.

I have the ability to develop marketing programs that include positioning, branding, public relations, advertising, promotion, online marketing, trade shows, website optimization, direct marketing and creative development.

Visit the portfolio sections of my website to see examples of these types of efforts.

I have a direct approach to discovering the facts and data, and a decisive way of responding to them.

I'm most content when I'm working on new projects, efforts and products, or reinvigorating under-performing brands. I'm particularly good at articulating value propositions and aligning features and benefits with market needs and opportunities, and communicating those values consistently across a variety of integrated marketing channels. This is probably why I've always chosen to work in entrepreneurial environments and with start-up companies.

I perform at my best when I have the opportunity to handle multiple projects and activities simultaneously. To be honest, I enjoy the distractions.

I'm a direct, logical and incisive problem solver with the confidence to challenge the status quo and suggest new ideas and viewpoints. If you're looking for a "yes man", someone who won't push back and challenge traditional perspectives on tough business problems, you should probably move along.

Under pressure, I work with a tremendous sense of urgency, because I'm self-motivated to bring projects to completion and to deliver superior quality work.

I'm ready to put these skills to work for your company. Send me an email or call me at 303.668.3439 and let's figure out how I can address your needs.

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